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Workers Compensation Workplace Exposure Injury Claims

Some exposures at work may lead to serious injuries or illness. There are many different potential types of workplace exposures that may lead to injury, including:

• Continued exposure to loud noises, leading to hearing problems
• Exposure to light, leading to vision problems
• Exposure to chemicals
• Exposure to radiation
• Exposure to toxins, such as asbestos or benzene
• Exposure to naturally occurring substances, such as mold
• Continued exposure to a repetitive motion causing a repetitive stress injury

Employees working in photo developing, manufacturing and fabrication, nursing and hospital employees, airline employees, mechanics, as well as construction workers, are often vulnerable to some of these exposures. Some workplace exposures cause occupational diseases.

Occupational Diseases Caused by Work Environment

The term “occupational disease” or “industrial disease” refers to a long list of diseases workers have known to have suffered due to the environment at work or circumstances of their occupation. Section 97-53 of the Workers Compensation Act sets out a long list of medical conditions that can be considered an occupational disease and covered under workers’ compensation.

Hazardous and Toxic Substance Regulations at Work

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issues guidelines and regulations to employers, designed to protect workers from toxic exposure at work. See their regulations: Click Here

However, accidents happen, often resulting in injuries to workers. Some workers become ill through the cumulative effects of toxic exposure over time, even when employers take precautions. Making workplace exposure claims can be difficult under the NC workers’ comp system, particularly because you must prove that your injury or illness occurred due to a work-related accident or some substance, situation or toxin at work. At the law Firm of Hemmings & Stevens, we will work with professionals in the appropriate medical field to build a case that shows where and when your exposure occurred and how this caused your injury or medical condition.

Raleigh Law Firm Help with your Workers’ Compensation Claim

If you have suffered an exposure injury as the result of a workplace accident or through exposure to hazardous toxic substances, you may be able to receive benefits under North Carolina workers’ compensation law. We can help you understand your rights and explain your legal options. Contact the law firm of Hemmings & Stevens, PLLC for a free consultation. We represent injured workers throughout North Carolina in all types of workplace exposure claims, assisting our clients in seeking full benefits.

This article regarding exposure injuries in North Carolina workers’ compensation claims is intended for informational purposes only and is not legal or medical advice. For professional help, seek the advice of a workers’ compensation lawyer at the law firm of Hemmings & Stevens, PLLC that has experience with workers’ compensation cases.