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Workers Compensation Explosion Accident Injury Claims

Workplace explosions occur primarily in industrial sites where flammable materials are stored and used. However, explosions can happen anywhere flammable materials are stored or transported. Explosions that cause injuries can also be caused by various circumstances like a malfunction or defect of a large truck tire. We have had experience with this particular explosion accident.

When an explosion occurs, workers near the explosion can suffer crush injuries, severe burns, damage to eyes, brain damage, bone fractures, spinal damage, paralysis or amputations, as well as mental trauma. The degree of personal harm that results depends to a significant degree on a worker’s proximity to the explosion. Some damage can come from the immediate effects of the explosion; some can arise much later.

Claim Against the At-Fault Party Who Caused an Explosion

Sometimes an explosion accident is the fault of someone other than you or your coworkers. If this is the case, you may be able to file a third party claim. You may be able to make a workers’ comp claim and a second claim against the at-fault party. However, be aware that it can be complicated and this is very much a situation where you will need to hire an experienced workers’ comp attorney.

Workers’ Compensation Benefits for an Explosion Injury

If you have to be out of work due to an explosion injury, you may be eligible for Permanent Partial Disability (PPD), Temporary Total Disability (TTD), or Temporary Partial Disability (TPD). However, if the explosion injury has left you unable to work permanently, you may be entitled to benefits for Permanent Total Disability (PTD) under North Carolina workers’ compensation law.

In North Carolina, workers’ compensation insurers are required to provide attendant care for those unable to care for themselves after a debilitating work-related accident. The workers’ compensation insurance company may not share this information or offer this care unless you demand it.

Raleigh Law Firm Who Can Help With Your Explosion Accident Claim

Workers’ compensation laws in North Carolina recognize and provide compensation for injuries experienced by a worker who was injured as a result of an explosion.

It is very important that a worker injured in a workplace explosion get immediate help from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer in North Carolina. An attorney can preserve evidence and consult appropriate expert witnesses as necessary. The law firm of Hemmings & Stevens, PLLC is experienced and successful in representing employees harmed in workplace explosion accidents. Contact us for a free consultation.

This article regarding explosion accident injuries in North Carolina workers’ compensation claims is for informational purposes only and is not legal or medical advice. You may need to seek the advice of a workers’ compensation lawyer at the law firm of Hemmings & Stevens, PLLC if you have been injured in an explosion at work and need to file a workers’ compensation claim.